At home DNA paternity tests in Thailand

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At home DNA paternity testing is accurate, cheap, fast and easy, given the gravity of the matter at hand. The basic cost if the suspected father and child can do it together is about 17,000 baht and it takes about 2 weeks.

Here is how the process works, all from home.

  1. Contact the lab you want to use, PTC Labs Thailand is fine.
  2. They will tell you what information and deposit they need (about 4000 baht). You provide it to them.
  3. They send you a package with instructions and sampling materials like cotton wool buds and click seal bags.
  4. Follow the instructions by putting the cotton wool buds in your mouths, then putting them in the click seal bag.
  5. Send it back to the lab and pay the remaining balance.
  6. You will get your results in about 10 days.

If you are in Thailand then use a lab in Thailand. Don’t use a lab in the USA or Australia or wherever because you would have to send the materials to them. Individuals are not allowed to send biological materials across Thai borders so your package might be rejected by the shipping company or might be destroyed by Thai Customs! This even applies to unused DNA testing kits.

The Thai lab may well send your sample to an overseas lab, PTC Thailand sends it to the USA, but they have the required documentation and permissions to do so. If you are doing a paternity test for a citizenship application the problem is solved by the material going in a diplomatic bag from the embassy. 

Note that a test like the one I describe from PTC Labs Thailand will not be accepted for a citizenship application. You first need to apply for the citizenship, then await instructions from the embassy or immigration department. If they require a DNA test they will have a strict prescribed process you have to follow. 

If the suspected father and child are in different countries

If the child is in another country it will cost about 22,000 baht and take about a month. Steps 3, 4 and 5 in the above list will have to be performed separately for each person. Try to find a lab that has offices in both countries to avoid the potential problems of individuals sending bio materials across borders. 

If that is not possible then use a lab that is at least in 1 of your 2 countries. Ask the lab if they can do it and follow their instructions. If someone has to send their samples across a border, identify the package as documents and note that Fedex is more relaxed on this than DHL.

FWIW when asked for testing for a suspected father in Thailand and child in another country thes labs accepted the job

  • PTC labs Thailand – Real office in Thailand, pretty good all round.
  • Easy DNA – It’s not clear if they have a real office in Thailand or not but they are happy to send and receive to and from Thailand.
  • DNAQ – Q stands for Queensland and this would be a good option if one of you is in Australia.

Identilab and Genomic Diagnostics did not accept the job, both citing laws restricting sending DNA and biomaterials to and from Thailand.