Custom bicycle fitting in Thailand

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There are 2 main options for custom bike fitting in Thailand that I have tried. Cycling Projects and Shota Bike Fit Studio, both in Prawet Bangkok. They charge 6000 baht but the Cycling Projects also includes a follow up fitting 12 months later.

Other decent looking bike fitting options that I have not tired include:

Bring your full cycling kit including bike, spare parts, accessories, jersey, shorts, gloves, shoes and socks. Allow 3 hours for the whole process. You can ride your bike there.

The bike fitter will remove your bike’s rear wheel and set your bike up on an indoor trainer. Then he will stick sensors all over your body and have you ride while cameras are recording you and tracking the sensors.

After a good bike fit you will ride further and faster and feel better afterwards! Which makes you more likely to do your next ride sooner. Just the shoe to peddle fitting alone can be a game changer.

This and accessory compatibility is why you should buy an adjustable bike, not something with integrated (fixed) handlebars. I tried that with the Canyon Grail’s “innovative” integrated handlebar and it was an expensive disaster that I had to sell six months after buying. If you already have a bike like that with limited adjustability you should still go for a bike fitting; you might be lucky that the bike can fit you and even if not, you should get it as close as possible.

Cycling Projects

I have had two bikes fit at Cycling Projects and I do recommend it as the best bike fitting option in Thailand. Compared to Shota the set up is a bit more professional and high tech.

The most important part of bike fitting is the fitter himself, the owner of Cycling Projects is a conscientious detail oriented young man. He is fully trained and qualified from Retül France, the world leader in bicycle fitting systems, techniques, technology and education.

As the brain child and work of one individual, the shop is a tad eclectic, bordering on weird. There is half a cafe, a section of Skimboards and some euro bike brands that you never see in Thailand, like Wilier. The layout is awkwardly split over 4 floors, sometimes a dog gets in the elevator with you. it’s kind of a typical eccentric Bangkok retail business.

The bike fitting area itself is spacious though a little disorganized. 

Shota Bike Fit Studio

Shota is a fitting studio in the front room of a family home. The owner and fitter is a capable and serious bloke who got his bike fitting training from Specialized in California, he also uses Retül systems.

The space is a bit cramped and I personally did not love the vibe with the wife and kid coming and going, but it’s a typical Bangkok family shop house and not a problem. At the end of the day Shota is a good bike fitter.