Freeze your sperm and get a vasectomy in Thailand

Or freeze your eggs and get your tubes tied

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Ask yourself this: 
How bad would it be if I had a child with the wrong person? 

Yes it would be that bad, emotionally and financially, so don’t let it happen. Take control of your reproduction with a vasectomy or tubal ligation (sterilization) so you decide when and with whom you have a child. Don’t let it be decided by infatuation, hormones and luck.

By freezing your sperm/eggs now you will be able to have a child with the right person at the right time by conceiving with IVF or whatever is the best and most appropriate technology at the time.

At what age?

Ideally you should freeze your sperm or eggs and get sterilized just before you become sexually active.

However for practical reasons it’s whatever age you are legally considered an adult and are therefore eligible for sperm/egg freezing and sterilization. In most places that is when you are 18 years old. In Thailand its when you are 20, unless you can get formal permission from both parents.

Until that time, always use contraception. 

If you are sure the time and parter are right

If you are sure you are with the right person and want to start a family now, then follow these steps

  1. Freeze your sperm or eggs.
  2. Have a child.
  3. Get sterilized.
  4. If you want another child later, use IVF or adopt.

Cost in Thailand

The cost is a lot less than an accidental baby with someone you are not compatible with. We are not discussing something that might be nice to do if it’s convenient. We are talking about one of the most important things in your life. How much is it worth to avoid one of the most absolutely terrible disasters that could ever happen to you?

These are the approximate costs at Thailand’s best and most expensive hospitals like Bumrugrad, MedPark and BNH. there are good cheaper options available. 

Sperm freezing initial cost – 11,000 baht
Sperm freezing per year – 6,000 baht
Vasectomy –  40,000 baht
Tubal ligation – 70,000 baht

The first part of the sperm or egg freezing process is to get your sperm or eggs analyzed to confirm viability, to make sure you are not freezing useless materials. If you turn out to be infertile then you don’t need to do anything else and can adopt when you want to start a family. 

Population decline effects on society

Long term male contraceptives will be common in less than 10 years when RISUG or Vasalgel are widely accepted. This is where a gel is injected in the vas deferens (the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis) which blocks sperm. It’s like a vasectomy but better in every way, reversible and a lot cheaper and easier. 

Between RISUG/Vasalgel, improved female contraceptives and lifestyle preferences the global birthrate is about to plummet. The good news is that there will be less accidental kids born to parents who are not compatible. This will cause a much better ratio between kids who need adopting and potential adoptive parents. 

The bad news is that the population will reduce. I am not sure how bad that is, some people even think it’s a good thing

Other people say it will be such a catastrophe that it risks the end of civilization, but they never explain why beyond it just being bad for the economy. I agree it will be bad for the economy but I don’t see how that leads to a monumental society wide catastrophe. Most of the problems cited for declining population will be overcome by technology.

Anyway, do whats best for you, freeze your sperm/eggs and get sterilized.