Jaguar will make internal combustion cars until 2026

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It has been widely reported in auto news sites that Jaaaaag would stop making petrol and diesel cars in June 2024 [Caranddriver, Carscoops, Carexpert]. 

That is incorrect. I just ordered a new F-Pace SVR and got an estimated delivery of December 2024. Which means the car will be in production until at least November 2024. My dealership contacts confirmed there is no plan to stop making the F-Pace any time soon.

The claimed source of these reports is not JLRs (Jaguar Land Rover) head office in the UK, it’s an executive at JLR’s US importer. His job is to sell more cars, not to provide accurate leaks to car blogs. They are saying ICE production will end soon to encourage people to buy now out of FOMO, and it seems to be working. Ironically this will make Jag’s production of ICEs go on for longer, since the more they can sell the more they will make.

We will know Jag is about to stop making ICE cars when the main headquarters in the UK officially announce full details and release “Farewell” editions of their most iconic ICE models, like Bently did for their W12 Engine. At the same time Jag will also release full details of the EVs that will replace the ICEs. You will see this on major mainstream UK news outlets with real journalists, not just random car blogs.

The few months after that announcement some time next year will be your last chance to buy an ICE Jag.

Every carmaker’s transition to EVs has taken longer than expected and has been pushed back. Same for every government’s plan to phase out ICEs [CNBC, Fox, Verge]. The two main reasons are there is less demand for EVs than expected and EVs are more difficult to produce at scale than expected. Jaguar delaying their planed transition to EV is normal, everyone is doing it.

Jag are not going to release any all-new models or even any major facelifts. So the current models are indeed the last ICE Jags models you can buy, but you have until next year to do so. At worst the list of options you can spec for your new Jag may reduce if they wind up their supply chains and make final orders from suppliers.

I don’t know which models will get a special Farewell edition, but I guarantee one of the models with a loud and high performance variant of Jag’s legendary 5 liter supercharged V8 will. Most likely the F-Type R75 sports car and the F-Pace SVR SUV.

The F-Type is the flashy, desirable halo car which does the most for the brand’s reputation, and the F-Pace is the model which sells the best. They both have the most iconic and beloved petrol engine that Jag makes, which makes them perfect candidates for the farewell to petrol editions.

It is quite likely when these farewell editions are released, they will be the only variant of that model available for new orders. Other than the existing stock of brand new cars on dealership floors while they last.

When it gets to that point you will not be able to spec and option a new Jag the way you want it. The farewell editions will be mostly “curated”, not customizable. Meaning Jaguar decides on the colors, equipment, and options with no choice for the buyer. If you don’t like the sound of that then get your custom order in before it gets to that point.  

New Jags are already being sold as 2025 model year cars, which gives Jaguar until at least the end of 2025 to keep making them without changing a single thing.

Exact availability end dates will differ between models and countries. Just because the F-Pace SVR will be in production until November 2024 not mean all other models will be.

Also the production, sales and delivery process differs between markets. In the USA and UK a lot more sales are off the shelf, whereas in most small markets all sales are built to order. This will result in different availability end dates between countries.

I have no specific details about particular models and countries however I guarantee ICE Jaaaags will be in production well after the June 2024 date reported, the best guess is until the end 2025.